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Source Technology

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When the Quality of Your Data is Paramount...

The quality of your CEM data is a function of the quality of your measurement system and your ability to maintain that quality over time. Source Technology can help with both... first, we can design and specify a CEM system that is tailored to the specifics of your process. Our staff has decades of experience with a wide variety of processes. Whether PEMS or CEMS, extractive or dilution Source Technology can craft the optimal solution given your process and your budget.

Monitoring System Design Specifying a monitoring system to meet the unique needs of your plant may not be a simple matter. Gas stream interferents, sample line losses, adequate data collection and reporting, and system reliability are all critical. Our experienced monitoring system design team can develop a system specification that will ensure years of reliable service for your CEM or other monitoring system. We will also work with the vendor of your choice to ensure that what you specified is what you get.

QA/QC and Monitoring Plans Maintaining your system over time is critical. A successful monitoring program begins with a practical, functional QA/QC plan. Whether required by regulation or not, a QA/QC plan is an essential component that gives your maintenance personnel the foundation they need to keep your system functioning reliably.

CAM Planning and Monitoring Compliance Assurance Monitoring (CAM) does not have to be complicated or costly. Source Technology staff is skilled at the development of both parametric and direct monitoring systems for CAM including all correlation analysis and other documentation required by the regulatory authority.

Permitting Services Your Title V or FESOP operating permit can often be a double-edge sword. One the one hand, it can be the all-in-one guide to all of your Clean Air Act compliance obligations. On the other hand, if it is not well designed and well written, it could be an obstacle to growth, or worse, it could exacerbate non-compliance. Our staff has nationwide experience in helping plants create Title V permits that they can live with.

Maintenance/Reporting Support - CEM Check Whether you need just a phone call to ask a quick question or a visit by an on-site CEM specialist, we can support the maintenance of your CEM or other monitoring system. With our RemoteLink service, we can monitor the health of your system from our offices and alert you to any potential issues often before they become problems. We provide instrument repair and calibration services both on-site and at our offices.

Training Our experienced staff provides training on regulatory issues, CEM system operation and maintenance, QA/QC planning and program development, emissions testing, Title V permit implementation, and other air quality topics.

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